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What’s Nearby


Relax and Enjoy the View
The Cove itself offers over 800 feet of very secluded beach front. Bring your beach chair, a cooler with your favorite snacks and refreshments and just relax! Surrounded by incredible scenery, enjoy the sun and the cooling ocean breeze. A more peaceful location would be hard to find!

Saltwater Swiming
Being situated on the Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy provides the opportunity for swimming in calm ocean waters. The pebble and shale beach provide for easy access to some of the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas. First timers and folks with tender tootsies will probably want to bring water shoes to make for more comfortable footing as you move in and out of the water.

Water Play
In addition to the main beach front the cove boasts it own private tide pool. As the tide rises this pool fills up and provides a multitude of opportunities for water fun for all ages. The very young can safely enjoy the very gentle sloping shore at the tail of the pool and find refuge from the summer sun in the cool shade provided as the Acadian forest sweeps down to meet the sea. Should you have more adventurous water play in mind, the head of the pool offers opportunities to jump from the bank and float with the current as it carries you safely to the tail of the pool.

Freshwater Swiming
Rather swim in freshwater? A short 10 minute drive will bring you to a picturesque swimming hole. This reclaimed limestone quarry has crystal clear spring fed waters with safe, easy access for water fun for all ages. This site is maintained by the local Municipality and boasts plenty of parking. Washrooms and change rooms have been provided. The grassy shores and the surrounding hardwood forest make this a very pleasant spot to wile away a summer day.

Exploring the Ocean Floor
The rise and fall of the Fundy tides is an awesome sight. This incredible natural process results in the water receding out several kilometers every 12 hours, exposing the ocean floor to view and exploration. Although attention must be paid to the tide cycles, there is ample opportunity to explore what in other circumstances would be the sole domain of trained scuba divers!

Hiking, Walking and Beach Combing
As the tide falls kilometers of beach are available for walking and beach combing. The geology of the area as well as the local ocean life, provide for many interesting discoveries whether you opt for a short stroll, a long walk or a serious hike. While shells, interestingly shaped or colored rocks and genuine fossils are a given, for those with the beach combing spirit, one never know what treasures the constantly changing tide and waves may have washed up into your path.